Human Rights Damage Awards




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Facts Summary Compensatory and Lost Income Awards
General Considerations The rough maximum of Alberta awards was considered $10,000 until the award of $25,000 upheld in 2013 by the Alberta Court of Appeal  Walsh v Mobil Oil. There was also a reprisal sum awarded in this case of $10,000.
Hansen v Big Dog Express AHRC


Pregnancy $5,000
Hamm v WWDI Wireless



Aug 2009

The applicant was subjected to abusive behaviour of shoulder rubbing, being blown a kiss and retaliatory conduct of a dismissal letter and false accusations contained within it $4,500
Noel v 375850 Alberta Ltd.



Sept 2010

The complainant, living at a job site in northwestern Alberta, exited the shower and noticed a male camp maintenance worker watching her. A few days later, the same man was standing beside her bed when she awoke. $5,000
Walsh v Mobil Oil Alta CA


 gender and reprisal $10,000 and $25,000; lost income due to adverse treatment and reprisal of $472,666 and pension loss of $139,154 and counseling bills of $10,000; Six years of lost earnings was not fully compensated.
City of Calgary Arb award


Sexual harassment $125,000 but the arbitrator was empowered to consider human rights, tort and arbitral.
Clark v Bow Valley College AHRC


Issue of the availability of child care following pregnancy leave $15,000 and lost income award of 4 months (mitigation issues)
SMS v CEP Union Arbitrator award upheld on review


Child care issues and rotational shift work Ordered to allow regular day shifts
Sunshine Village Corporation v Boehnisch Alberta


Perceived disability of ski patroller; no accommodation $25,000 plus lost income of $54,472
Yaschuk v Emerson AHRC

May 2022

verbal sexual harassment which had a profound impact on the complainant $50,000
McCharles v Jaco Line AHRC

October 2022

Respondent touched the complainant's breasts; lack of proper

investigation; mental condition resulted in part due to this


Smith v Popowich AHRC

Nov 2022

explicit sexual remarks, some touching over three plus years $35,000

The Director had asked for $25,000