Human Rights Damage Awards

Eastern Provinces Compensatory

Tribunal Awards – Nova Scotia
Bennett v Hau’s Family Restaurant 2007 Range said to be between $1,000 to $5,000.
Slaunwhite v Bay Landing Dining Room 2005 Harassing conduct was verbal and physical. $3,500
Davison v N.S. Construction Safety, upheld in the N.S. Court of Appeal 2006 One reason for the apparently low range of the awards is that medical evidence was not routinely offered, or at least this was suggested by the Nova Scotia Board of Inquiry. In the same case the Board ordered $3,000 in general damages and $7,000 for punitive damages for reprisal and a further $3,000 for reprisal against the employer due to the actions of its Board. The Court of Appeal set aside the punitive award. The CA distanced itself on the issue of the need for medical evidence.


Tribunal Awards – New Brunswick
Steeves v Woody’s Place 2007 Verbal abuse and some touching $2,000
SWE v BK 2007 Male complainant who was subjected to severe harassment by a male colleague. He woke up to discover the respondent committing fellatio upon him. $15,000