Human Rights Damage Awards

Future Loss – Civil – Non Employment

Case Court Year Summary Result
R.B. v E.S. OSC 2017 Plaintiff sexually abused by her criminal lawyer. Single instance of non-consensual physical abuse. $5,000 and future counselling
Waters v Bains BCSC 2008 Sexual abuse by aunt and uncle $10,000 costs of future care
A.B. v C.D. BCSC 2011 Sexual touching by teacher to student Damages for loss of future earning capacity and future care expenses of $20,000.
Rosenthal v Rosenthal OSC 2014 Sexual abuse by parent $45,000 future income loss. The case was undefended.
Evans v Sproule 2008 Sexual assault by police officer in cruiser while on duty. The plaintiff suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression requiring medical treatment. $40,000 lost earning capacity, $12,342 future therapy costs.
L.M.M. v Nova Scotia NS CA 2011 Sexual assault in non-employment context against same defendants as above in parallel case $60,000 future counselling. The Appeal allowed the future counselling which was neither denied nor awarded at trial.
D.M. v W.W. OSC 2013 Claim of sexual abuse as a 12 year old against uncle $85,000 loss of earning capacity, $10,000 future care. The damage assessment was undefended.
B.M.G. v Nova Scotia NS CA 2007 Sexual assault in non-employment context $500,000 for past and future income loss.