Human Rights Damage Awards

Future Lost Income – Civil – Employment Related Sexual Issue

Case Court Year Summary Result
Silvera v Olympia OSC 2015 Sexual assault Intentional infliction of mental suffering; breach of fiduciary duty; Occupier’s Liability Act; Breach of obligation of good faith and fair dealing at the time of dismissal $42,750 for future therapy care, $33,900 for future lost income. Case was undefended.
K.T. v Denis Vranich, Elixir and Paradise Lane Developments Hamilton Inc.   OSC 2011 Breach of fiduciary duty Victims Bill of Rights Act Battery Negligence Summer student physically assaulted. Defendant confined her, touched her breasts and vagina, laughing while he did so. Loss of future earnings of $75,000.
Hudson v Youth Continuum, Phillip Brindle and The Brindle Agency Inc OSC 2012 Negligence and vicarious liability. The plaintiff was viciously attacked and raped by a troubled youth under her care. She was required to change her chosen career. $300,000 in future income loss.  The case was undefended.
City of Calgary Arb award 2013 Sexual harassment; “fondled” on multiple occasions at her desk. The complainant was harassed following her request for an investigation. She suffered acute anxiety and suicidal ideations. The arbitrator was empowered to consider human rights, tort and arbitral remedies. Future income loss $500,000.