Human Rights Damage Awards

Poisoned Work Environment


Poisoned Work Environment
Smith v Menzies Chrysler HRTO


$25,000 for poisoned work environment plus $15,000 for reprisal against the employer. There were also two separate awards of sexual harassment of $8,000 and $2,000 against co-workers.
OHRC v Christian Horizons HRTO


Adverse treatment of gays and lesbians $10,000 plus $8,000 for discriminatory workplace manual
Vanderputten v Seydaco HRTO


Employer insisted applicant be treated as male, contrary to the manner of gender identity $21,000
8 months lost wages
Harriott v National Money Mart HRTO


$30,000 inclusive of sexual harassment, failure to investigate and poisoned work environment
Khan v 820302 Ontario HRTO


Racial comments $25,000