Human Rights Damage Awards



 Case Year  Summary Award 
General Commentary  The legislators of Saskatchewan have placed a limit on the sum which may be awarded for compensatory damages for a human rights violation as $20,000. This includes any award for “punitive damages” for conduct which is wilful or reckless. An award of lost income may be allowed in addition to this sum. A person subjected to the most brutal forms of human rights abuse in a workplace environment will see such a maximum recovery.
Saskatchewan Board of Inquiry, Ratzlaff v. Dimas (1986), 7 C.H.R.R. D/3402 B of I 1986 A 19 year old woman, economically vulnerable, subjected to persistent physical and verbal harassment, suffering from severe injury to self-esteem. $2,400. The legislated cap was then $5,000.
Karlenzig v. Chris' Holdings Ltd. Sask HRT 1991 A woman suffered from a "serious physiological impairment" who reported "reported sleep disturbances, shaking, crying and nightmares". $2,500. The legislated cap was then $5,000.
Nov 2001 cap set at $10,000
Shier v Edworthy Saskatchewan HRT 2003 A complainant who was the subject of one aggressive act of a physical nature, at age 21 or 22, highly physically and economically vulnerable, and subjected to verbal abuse on the same day, showing impact on her self-esteem, without "significant physiological impact". $2,000.
Evans v. Karavas


June 2007 The verbal abuse was frequent and ongoing;

This, combined with the sexual comments directed at the Complainant, created an intimidating and offensive working environment.

Abu-Ghazaleh v. JKT Holdings Ltd

Sask HRT


April 2008 Sexual harassment;

The harassment in this case was both verbal and physical. The harassment was “not particularly aggressive”;

the physical contact was intrusive and ongoing. There were two perpetrators.

Merrick v Ipsco

Sask HRT

Nov 2008


Terminated due to drug addiction;

“substantial” award appropriate

$4,000 against employer and $4,000 against the union;


Howard Johnston v Sask HRC 2009 Verbal sexual harassment $2,000; cap was $10,000; costs ordered of $1,000 due to abusive conduct at the hearing
Hawman v. Battlefords School


Jan 2008 Failure to accommodate medical disability and termination of employment $6,500
2014 cap increased to $20,000