Workplace Sexual Harassment

Civil Awards Lost Income, Past & Future


case details Future Loss Past Loss
Boothman v Canada

FC Trial 1993



Intentional infliction of mental suffering

Verbally abusive and threatening language.

loss of future earnings $20,000
Clark v Canada

FC 1994

Sexually harassed by colleagues and supervisor $88,000
K.T. v Vranich

OSC 2011

Sexual assault

Case was undefended

$75,000 for loss of earning capacity and $26,500 for future medical and therapy expenses
Hudson v Youth Continuum

OSC 2012

Sexual assault

Case was undefended

$300,000 future income loss
City of Calgary v CUPE


Sexual harassment $512,000 less discounts of 10% and 2.5% $200,000
Silvera v Olympia

OSC 2015

Sexual assault;

Case was undefended

$42,750 for future therapy care, $33,900 for future lost income.