Workplace Sexual Harassment

Ontario by Civil Action


OHRC Claims by Civil Action: sexual harassment
Silvera v Olympia OSC


Sexual assault - touching $30,000; Other sums were awarded in the civil action for aggravated damages of $90,000, $10,000 as punitive damages, $42,750 for future therapy care, $33,900 for future lost income, further aggravated damages of $15,000 due to the manner of dismissal, additional punitive damages of $10,000 and a wrongful dismissal claim of $57,800. The case was not defended.
Doyle v Zochem OCA


Sexual harassment $25,000 for the Code violation of sexual harassment. The issue on appeal focused on the additional award made of $60,000 for moral damages, which was upheld by the Court of Appeal. The award of human rights damages was seen as one serving a distinct purpose although the “same conduct may ground separate awards”. Human rights awards are designed, the court noted, to compensate for the loss of “the right to be free from discrimination and the experience of victimization”.